oct21_gclubnet_quotesHis Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej deserves praise, not for being the Royal Highness but for being a great example of simplicity and selflessness. Today, let us pay a quick tribute to the most loved monarch of Thailand, where he had devoted his life, shared teachings and shown leadership to the people.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej: The Traits of the Great Ruler

HM showed humility and treated himself just like the rest of the people around him. He never wanted to be put on a pedestal or to be special. He even told William Stevenson, his biographer, that he is not a god of gods, but a human.

Part of the king’s non-self outlook, the royal household chef, Khunying Prasansuk Tantivejkul, revealed in an interview for the book “Khruang Ton Khon Khrua – Khrua Chitralada” that the king only wanted typical Thai dishes for himself, and tom yam was included.  He used to have salted Chinese radish, egg omelets, dried shrimps and Chu Chi, to name some.

Regarding his personality, people close to the king revealed that he was always a concerned and serious father. They rarely saw him smile; perhaps, because he took his responsibility seriously. But even so, he remained calm when dealing with problems.

Part of the king’s routine, he’s an active Buddhist who always meditate. And according to his meditation friends, the king has always treated himself just like the rest of them, not as a royal highness.

And because he took power at 18, he was tireless and hardworking, especially after the war when he needed to reconstruct his country, the morale of his people and the surroundings.   

There were creaked floors, holes in the carpets and chairs and crumbles in the palace—that no one had taken care of, but he did.


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