3 Warning Signs of a Bad Casino Online

Are you looking for a web casino? If so, then you have come to the right spot online to help you detect a bad web casino. Check out the following for tell tale signs to give you an idea which casinos on the web to avoid.

1.) Non-disclosure of important information

A good online casino doesn’t mind revealing the people behind their website. Why should they if they are legal operators? So when looking for a gambling site, you should be able to stay away from those casinos that do not reveal their company name and the people behind their team. These rogue casinos more likely than not also do not disclose their physical location and their contact details. ONLY shady operatrs do that.

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2.) Unrealistic bonuses

The cliché “Too good to be true” applies here.

Where on earth would you find an operator that promises the sun and the moon just to encourage new members and then never really meant to keep that promise? What they do is to make promises of huge bonuses—but never really have the plan to release such bonuses. To avoid the trap, check the small print. What are the terms and conditions—especially the wagering requirements?

You will avoid the trouble by reading and understanding the small print on this matter, or else, you might not be able to withdraw even a single centavo of your winnings.

Rogue websites might also flag you as a bonus abuser for the reason that you have violated specific sections in the terms and conditions—that they never really showed in the beginning.

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3.) Bad customer support

Before signing up with an online casino, one of the very basics is customer support. While other website offer multiple contact channels to get in touch with them, many of these might not be manned at all. Thus, such sites will just leave you hanging out there when you need assistance or help. So before joining one, test their communication channels to find out if they are working. If not, then skip the casino and go to the next option.


There you have a quick glimpse on the signs that an online casino isn’t up to giving you gaming satisfaction but only trouble. Avoid them like a plague. Choose a proven reputable casino online like the GClub.net today!

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