10 Things You’d Love about Baccarat

sept30_gclubnet_baccaratIf you’re unfamiliar with baccarat online and you want to try it, then you might find today’s post useful for the essentials you should know about it before playing. Keep reading and discover its basics.

Things You Might Not Know about Baccarat

  1. 1490: The game’s Italian version was introduced to France, where the nobles and royals played it as a pastime at the casinos.
  2. 1959: It was when the game reached the US, particularly Las Vegas.
  3. Mini baccarat games/tables: Now, there are mini bac games that let players bet mini bets, but then they follow the same rules that traditional games use.
  4. Seats in the house: There are only 14 seats numbered from 1-14, except 13, which is said to bring bad luck.
  5. Hand: You need to choose either the banker hand or the player hand, or sometimes the ‘Tie.” If you win in the banker hand bet, you get 1 to 1 payoff or an even; the same applies if you win in the player hand bet. If you bet on the Tie and it wins, then you would get 8 to 1 payoff, but winning this bet rarely happens. And if you want to bet on the Tie, you should do it before a hand is dealt.
  6. Cards: 52 cards are used, and then between six and eight of these are shuffled before being put in a shoe.
  7. Card values:  The kings, queens, jacks and tens have ZERO value; the numbers 2-9 carry the same value as what is shown on each of its faces. The ace has a value of ONE.
  8. Total hand value:  It is between zero and nine. If you get over 9, the first digit is dropped, making your total the second digit. Example, if you get 15, then your score would be 5.
  9. Live dealer games: Now, you can play live dealer baccarat games and feel as if you are in a real venue. Live dealers facilitate the game, which is broadcasted live from the venue.
  10. House edge: 1.06%, banker hand bet; 1.24% player hand bet; 14.36% Tie bet

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