King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Life and Education


Check out this post for a few famous quotes by the King that you might be interested to know about. One is, “Subjects that are best learnt through practical studies must be taught through practice. Learning through direct practical experience results in true and clear knowledge that can always be resorted to because of expertise, in contrast with teaching without practice, which often turns into learning just to pass the examination, or learning to be forgotten.” -King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Study International

Other Famous Quotes

I have been extremely touched by these signs of affection on the part of all the Thai people.

The will to work of everyone in the country is the best guarantee of national survival.

Everyone must correct his own self; this is something more difficult to cope with, but it is not impossible.

Nature is something outside our body, but the mind is within us.

The important thing for the survival of the Thai society is that the majority of those who work, both in the government and the private sector, still strive to work in the same direction; this is why the Thai nation still stands.

A good person can make another person good; it means that goodness will elicit goodness in the society; other persons will also be good.

Goodness is something that makes us serene and content; it is magnificent. Those who are not good are evil.

In Thailand’s history, there have been dissensions from time to time, but in general, unity has prevailed.

Sources: Brainy quote and Kojokrom

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